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15 Sep 2014

Worst net banking facility i world

Hi, Canara bank provide worst net banking facility in world. They don’t know anything about net banking. They made more complicated even if user can’t use it. I am not able to understand why they provide net
13 Sep 2014

Please avoid student loans from canara bank

Please don’t ever take a student loan    from this bank. They try to squeeeze you till the last penny and the staff is ridiculous and show the attitude as though they are paying money out of
8 Sep 2014

Worst service by them in Sion Branch, Mumbai -22

Worst service    by them, I have opened a account 3 months before and in that same time I applied for internet banking. almost 100 days passed and I personally visited more than 10 days but still
11 Aug 2014

Canara bank is a piece of CRAP

The worst bank that I have ever seen in my whole life    . The employees are so rude and the SM’s think that they are Gods. When I talked to an employee he said that he
1 Aug 2014

Most ridiculously slow service

Internet banking is ridiculous and its a well known.Now it took me an hour to make a demand draft .Please never ever make an account in this bank. The atm machine is always out of cash.Every now
20 Jul 2014

Not easy to get Internet banking facility

I have an account with this bank for many years now. One in electronic city and another one in Wheelers road, frazer town. I have tried 8 times to apply for internet banking with this branch which
19 Jul 2014

Citi Bank – Deteriorating Customer Service

Citi Bank was once known for good customer service    . I have a Citibank account for last 8 yrs, but very recently for last 2-3 years I’m experiencing terrible responses from the bank. a. Relationship Manager
14 Jul 2014

Regarding Citibank Medical Policy @ Royal Sundram

Regarding Citibank Medical Policies @ Royal Sundram: Hello Readers, Can anyone suggest me about the ratings of Medical insurance    which is offering by Citibank. Is it Worth or not? Trust-able or not? they are man of
9 Jul 2014

Atrocious handling of customers in canara bank

How true are all the complaints regarding canara bank!  In fact almost every bank in India(except for a few private global ones) work in the most atrocious manner and canara bank is the worst. Managers act like they
24 Jun 2014

The worst customer service

I was assigned a relationship manager and a DM(God knows what they are for, but what I know is that both are of no use to my service    ). Recently I raised a query to change