Airtel Broadband Archive

1 Oct 2014

So Called Best 3G/Broadband Service Provider

Dear(So Called Best 3G Network) a.k.a ?#?Airtel? ?#?BhartiAirtel? ?#?AirtelPresence?, I recently shifted to Mumbai and applied for a new broadband connection(assuming Airtel to be the best network) for both my office and residence. One freelancer named Mukesh
29 Sep 2014

Refreshing to hear, one off trained customer care

I have had my share of problems with Airtel services over the past 4 years of using them in Bangalore. and I have always had to put up with really bad customer service    executives who have
22 Sep 2014

Worst Customer Care

These guys don’t know how to talk. I called them on 22nd September, 2014 11:40 PM. They refused to register my complaint into the system. I told them that my land line is not working for 5
17 Sep 2014

I hope the people of Airtel die of cancer

Airtel is 100% scam, why you ask? the connections turns off and on constantly, the service    repair people are 100% useless. It’s as slow as a turtle. I add smart bytes bills me and does NOTHING,
16 Sep 2014

Excellent service provider for India

I have been using Airtel broadband for last 10 yrs. now. The plans and speed provided by them is extremely consistent and value for money. What they promise is what you get. Some time back I shifted
16 Sep 2014

Cheaters are everywhere and Airtel is among them

I had placed a relocation on 26/06/2014 and asked advisor to disconnect my broadband as I will not be using it anymore but now I getting repeated calls from Airtel saying you have outstanding bill amount of
15 Sep 2014

Pathetic experience with airtel

I moved to bangalore couple of months back. Opted for airtel broadband because of its “reputed name”. Seems like airtel is taking way too much liberty pertaining to its image in the market. Had the worst experience
9 Sep 2014

Airtel Broadband – Low and Poor Service Quality

Airtel Broadband service    is poor. Persons do not reach your place on time to resolve your issue. One has to keep on calling the tech person to reach your place to solve the problem. Calling to
9 Sep 2014

Do not go for Airtel broadband

We have 20GB unlimited plan. After 20GB, speed should be 512Kbps, but this Airtel cheater will give very low speed I think 40 to 50Kbps, also internet will disconnect for few second frequently means in 2 to
1 Sep 2014

Airtel is a Thief Company

Please be aware that airtel is a thief company as it will will add unwanted softwares charges to your monthly bills if you do not read your bills properly. I am a customer of airtel for more