Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Archive

15 Sep 2014

Pathetic claim service

I had bought a bajaj insurance    at the time of purchase itself in 2010 and have been paying regular premium    with almost no claims in the last 4 yrs and finally when I claimed in
31 Aug 2014

BAJAJ ALLIANZ General Insurance is a FRAUD!!!

WORST! Don’t even think of going for this. I recently had a claim    for my car    . After a lot of struggle with the Surveyor and 25 days later they finally approved 55% instead of
17 Aug 2014

BAJAJ ALLIANZ General Insurance is a hoax !!!!

Due an accident with my car    , an old lady(Third Party) got injured. Under humanitarian ground and being a responsible citizen, I provided First-Aid and Hospital Treatment to the Third Party, bearing all the expenses amounting
22 Jul 2014

Bajaj Allianz Insurance by Citibank is WORST/CHEAT

BAD promise. BAD customer service    . BAD returns. Citibank has sold me the Bajaj Allianz insurance    along with the salary account insisting it could provide me tax    exemption under 80C. As per their briefing
9 Jul 2014

Unacceptable attitude of staff

Avoid using their services! They are not here to do business. Unprofessional, uninformed and never respond to anything. I am so happy that I did not renew my insurance    with Bajaj, it is in a bad
8 Jul 2014

Fraud and Unacceptable response from Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz offered me a “Zero Depreciation Policy-Motor Car    Insurance    ” in October 2013. I paid them the requested premium    of INR14500 and asked them to proceed. I received the policy papers only after
11 Jun 2014

Beware of these cheaters!!!

We feel great when we interact with them for a new policy, they give reasonable premium    for good insured sum. In fact, the claim    is also good, since I had once, made claim against my
14 Apr 2014

Premium Overcharged and Pathetic customer service

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance    Company Ltd, Pune had given me quotation of 0 Dept car    policy of 7100. Policy was purchased    by Singh Motors and I was charged 9, 193RS/-. I called Bajaj customer
24 Mar 2014

Fraud Bajaj Allianz.

Please never buy any policy from the Bajaj Allianz. I have paid Rs.72000 for 3 year (locking period) and when I went there for withdrawal they said wait for 5 years then you dont have to pay
23 Feb 2014

Bajaj Allianz is fraud and looter.

Never buy any policy from Bajaj Allianz. -They will commit you wrong, e.g lock in period and the amount you get on maturity. -I bought Sarve Shakti Suraksha Policy and was a victim of it. -They will