MTS Archive

13 Oct 2014

Mts – no blaze just crawls

Top speed of 20kb ps and pathetic customer service    . This could have been justified 15 yrs back.but today 20kb ps is a joke. My mobile    3g connection gives better speed when converted to a
27 Jul 2014

If u wanna waste your money please try MTS

If u wanna waste your money please try MTS, You wanna feel worst customer service    then BSNL, please call MTS call center. 999Rs, 40GB full of cheating. Dont buy MTS, Dont buy MTS,………. ……………….. ………….. ……………………………..
15 Jul 2014

Nightmare Experience with MTS service and dongle

I bought a MTS Mblaze and from the get go there were issues with the dongle which would crash my laptop.   I have complained about the issue at least 10 times with no callback and no resolution.  They
22 Jun 2014

Good speed but poor service

Since three weeks I am using MTS blaze. I am quite happy. But have few suggestions that would make MTS more enjoyable and less irritating to customers like me. Here are a few suggestions: 1. After registering
18 Jun 2014

So called multinational full of Fools

Buying a MTS connection would be one of the most worst decision you can take in your life    time.You may feel happy initially but later on you can experience    the super customer care of MTS.
29 Mar 2014

Worst Customer Care of MTS.

MTS such a 420  customer care services. I think they are very busy with their colleagues by discussing new released movies and- fill it if you wanted to scold them. Nodal officers they are very busy with their
25 Mar 2014

Hell Services of MTS

Now I would like to share my opinion about MTS, MTS is hell for familiar customer, I don’t think why MTS is becoming so expensive, and in services it is being bad, I have been using MTS
13 Jan 2014

MTS: Worst Company for closing of connection!!

I had a big tough time in closing my connection. I was loyal customer to MTS for almost 2 yrs and 4 months back I decided to close the connection. I was given promise that as per
19 Nov 2013


MTS provides the poorest service    . They are not bothered about the existing customers. My device stopped working on 25th Sept, I kept on calling the customer care, after 2 days they created ticket for me
10 Oct 2013

3 letters I won’t like in English i.e. MTS

Unfortunately I got MTS data connection in the month of April13 and I am not able to activate my connection till now. Never ever go for MTS. It is fraud company and can escape any time. Its