Nokia 1100 Archive

3 Jul 2014

Nokia 1100 Old is Gold  

Nokia 1100 was my first cell phone. I love this phone. it was amazing cell phone very good battery backup. Strong, easy to use, good sound clarity, snake games, rocket game, sound and reception quality    is
11 Apr 2014

Fell in love with it the very first time i saw it  

Nokia 1100. The most amazing cellphone that I have ever used in my life    . Build quality    of this phone is great. Not only that U charge it once and u can use it for
10 Jul 2012

My first phone  

This is a old phone from nokia but no phone can beat this. Really no company can beet 1100 in the world, super mobile    ,even though many models came in NoKIa …Its super fast and fits
2 Oct 2011

Old Still Gold  

HI friends I am writing a review on NOKIA 1100; the latest cell phone from NOKIA which was released in mid December 2003. This time I wanted to buy a cheap NOKIA fone since I had never
13 Mar 2011

Quite simple but very Useful and I just love it  

Nokia 1100 is really amazing very simple with looks and functions but even then it is my all time favourite and I just love this phone. This is the first phone I bought of my own and
3 Jan 2011

Best phone for the basic purpose of a mobile phone  

View next photo This phone has been my companion since 2004!!!!. It fell on the ground several times but still continues to give me service    . I changed its battery last year. In the past one
2 Jun 2010

Da best fone of nokia  

I have given my Nokia 1100 for repair to NokiaCare in Tippasandra, Bangalore. I find the service    personnel callous and absolutely unresponsive. They are supposed to be open till 6.30 /7pm but take teh phone off
6 Feb 2010

Nokia 1100  

View next photo Nokia is the queen of the mobile    brands. The quality    of the product is amazing. I have been used Nokia 1100 for two and half years. Now I handed over it to
31 Dec 2009

Most preffered  

The Nokia 1100 phone lets you conduct business in confidence and style – in the shop or on the move, during the mid-morning rush or at midnight. New features like the long-lasting battery and a durable design
17 Dec 2009

Best nokia phone  

The basic service    of cell phone is to make and receive a call and sometimes send and receive sms. and this is perfectly reflected on Nokia 1100. According to me, it is the best phone ever