Nokia 5800 Archive

16 Mar 2013


View next photo I bought a nokia 5800 express from a mobile    centre at hyderabad. it worked fine for about 2 years. While I was using the phone, it started emitting smoke. I threw the phone
21 Sep 2012

Nokia’s First Touch phone what can you say ?

First for all you “WHINERS” out there calling this Phone “Crap” and “Bad” please take this in mind that this was the FIRST touch phone of Nokia and its not all that bad I’ve used this phone
24 Mar 2012

Worst smartphone

My suggestion is please don’t buy this phone.It is not a reliable phone and I spend more than 2000 rupees after warranty for repairing.Within one year warranty period only I repaired the phone twice.Phone will be having
27 Jun 2011

5800… A true all rounder

Since its a fone that’s celebrated two anniversaries, we can discount the fact of its bulkiness. Unnlike most Nokia phones of the same type (read N 97) this phone doesn’t hang!!! Nokia’s first ever touchscreen lives upto
21 Mar 2011

5800 Music Xpress – a smart choice

Nokia 5800 Express Music – Perfect Value For Money And A Great Gadget To Carry With I bought a Nokia 5800 Music Express (black) during April 2010. Price was around Rs.13800. So it has been almost 12
2 Feb 2011

Nokia 5800

Guys I am using this phone since a year, I suggest you dont buy this phone if you are consious about the display clearity… nokia forget about this so the HD display is screwed because of the
23 Jan 2011

The worst phone in the world

The stylus on this phone falls out after being used a dozen times, because of wear to the internal clip. The stylus hole is on the bottom edge of the phone, so the stylus then falls out.
12 Dec 2010

Good phone for the features

I’ve been using this device for more than a year now. Feature wise this device is very good with all features a mobile    device should have. Cost also is acceptable when considering the features. Few important
30 Aug 2010

Good phone!

The Nokia 5800 is a good phone but I will be glad when my contract is up for renewal and I get a new one as it is becoming a little tempermental. Lets start with the general
24 Aug 2010

Nokia 5800 will make u sleep

Hi friends,Today my nokia 5800 completed 7 months and I am already looking for a buyer.Reasons:-1. Nokia updates are too less, too slow to be downloaded from net (m using BSNL broadband) and even more slow to