Nokia-6600 Archive

6 May 2014

My First Phone, A decade old & am still using it !  

This was my first Cell phone bought in 2003. You will not believe, I still have it at best condition and 100% working. Why I loved this phone, because of its advanced feature in 2003 itself! Not
30 Mar 2012


I am the great fan of nokia 6600 meine bahut masti ki hai us phone ke sath dilkhush phone hai doston mei apne phone ko bahut miss karta hu india pakistan ka 20-20 match mere nokia 6600
21 Aug 2010

Nokia 6600  

Nokia 6600, the phone with bundle of features of its time, Nokia 6600 Cell Phone actually my friend was using this phone when we were doing Engineering in 2005,at that time phones were very expensive he bought
9 Jun 2010


Nokia 6600 is a very good and easy to use mobile    phone and the bet part is that it is cheap and easy to buy product. it is a product of many features like camera, radio,
24 Dec 2009

Still good even after one year of purchase  

Nokia E66…. I bought this phone. Apart from a few minor flaws the phone is perfect. Meets all the aspects considered while buying a mobile    handset. Ok, now I am not sooooo tech savvy so you
6 Dec 2008


After having the Nokia 7650 for roundabout one year I felt it was time for a change,and boy was it worth it!! The Nokia 7650 was a great phone but this baby the Nokia 6600 destroys them
5 Dec 2008

All facilities in one set.  

Nokia 6600 is very easy to use, its of very good and convenient design, nice sound quality    , overall we can say cheap and best. Nokia 6600 has many useful features, it has good functioning. Nokia
8 Nov 2008

Best of the best  

I have personally used this ceel phone and it is extremely reliable, its thick plastic coating protects the circuit from shock, it is not in its default features but it is entirely my personal    experience   
31 Oct 2008

Excellent Phone  

I bought this phone more 3 years back and I found this phone is value for money, good in style but some bulky but when I bought his very few are of this range in camera phone
4 Apr 2008

Reason to Love Nokia 6600  

Now heres the big reason why people like me love Nokia (spl 6600) to any other cell phone device. The real incident happend to me when yesterday night after having our dinner we were enjoying cool air