Nokia N70 Archive

31 Aug 2012

Forgotten brand !!!

As the present era is of various android and touch-screen phones, there stood a phone few years back which was simple and though a better leader in mobile    phones then. And yes its N70, Nokia’s fabulous
30 Jun 2010

Bad experience with Samravadhi Technologies

I bought a new Nokia N-70 mobile    on October 1st 2007 and on 18th June 2010, the display had gone. I went to Samvradhi Technologies,Koramangala which is a premium    Nokia Care center. I had given
4 Jun 2010

Tough body and too good

Nokia has brought this phone to Indian and has greatly influenced the market all the features that one desires this phone has also its very cheap as compared to its features simultaneously this phone is that strong
9 May 2010

Its not a just phone ! Its a great companion !

Nokia N70 Offers features that help improve the quality    of our lives. A large number of phones in the market deceive people about the basic requirement.That is a qualitative communication. What I like the best :
19 Mar 2009

Nokia is a thief

My N70 had a faulty joy stick. I had submitted it thrice during the warranty period and they could not repair it. I submitted it again during the out of warranty period and they said that they
7 Dec 2008

Electronic World

The product N70 from Nokia is a fine and useful product which gives value for money, not only that its handy, help me to be in touch to the world. Its a product which help me to
1 Dec 2008


I purchased    Nokia N70 and used it for only 8 months.  Features such as memory, music,display, etc. are good. N70 has also a good style.  But I found it a bit heavy phone. Anyways,  Initially I
6 Nov 2008

My pathetic personal experience

I bought nokia n70 music edition on 10th of January, this year. When I bought this heavy set, I thought it was a great buy. But as the day progressed my thought went bad to worse.  I
31 Oct 2008

Not a review…need suggestions

Hi, This is not a review for Nokia N70M (Didnt find a category for N70 Music edition yet).  But, I desperately need some suggestions as to if I should buy HTC P3400 or a Nokia N70M since both
25 Sep 2008

My Mobile Phone

This review is all about my Dusky and Lovely Nokia N70 . I am going to write only about the features I normally use. It is an old model of Nokia but good enough for me. Someone